Boob Loob Shower Gel 3 pack


Thanks for your support and Stay Tuned. BOOB LOOB will be back with a completely new refresh in early 2021

Having BOOB LOOB in your shower means you have the opportunity to use a product that will remind and encourage you to conduct a breast check while showering. It is mild, gentle on the skin and textured to allow optimum glide when using. Keep one and share the others.
INCLUDES POSTAGE Australia wide.

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BOOB LOOB feels amazing on your skin. Non-drying with a vanilla fragrance, all-natural ingredients and free of Parabens, SLES, PEGS and Grapefruit Seed Extract.
BOOB LOOB is made in Australia and every bottle purchased online means $1 dollar is going towards supporting McGrath Foundation Breast Care Nurses.