Hi All. This is my story on how self-checking my breasts saved my life. We have no history of the disease in our family, but I’ve always been fairly healthy and on top of health checks generally. Having heard of a high school friend’s passing from breast cancer at the age of 41, I thought it best to check myself…not remembering when I had last checked. 

And so, in January of 2016 (at the age of 40) whilst in the shower I checked my breasts…and there it was! Quite a prominent lump that felt like nothing else I had ever come across during previous checks. I knew instantly that something wasn’t right. What followed is now a blur of memories from those overwhelming first few weeks.


After 18 months of treatment, and approximately a further 18 months for breast reconstruction (which included 7 surgeries) I am now no longer anyone’s patient – and that is something I truly celebrate.

This crazy ride has now brought me to a privileged place – I now support women who have walked a similar path, my coaching work being a true calling…one I never anticipated.

It’s a road I didn’t think I’d ever have to travel, but I’m thankful for all the miracles and purpose it’s brought me – life lessons and experiences I would have otherwise never had. Coming across people like Jo has been incredibly encouraging and in some ways reassuring.

Talking over experiences, swapping stories and sharing moments with those that have walked along the road before us can be incredibly comforting, powerful and deeply connecting.

It’s important to stay positive and where there’s the opportunity, connect with others who appreciate and understand life from our fundamentally altered perspective.

Don’t forget. Check your boobs and encourage others to do the same…check their boobs not yours ☺

Veronica (NSW)